Practice Areas


Commercial Disputes

Legal disputes between businesses or an individual and a business often involve unique issues not found in other areas of the law. Experienced representation at the beginning of a dispute can often help avoid costly litigation, or help resolve lawsuits when litigation is unavoidable. Commercial dispute services are provided in a wide range of matters, including those involving construction, contracts, open accounts and real estate.

Insurance Litigation

With experience representing both insurance companies and their policyholders, insurance litigation services are provided to policyholders whose claims have been wrongfully denied. Insurance policies are written by lawyers and many times interpreted by insurance company lawyers when claims questions arise. An experienced, knowledgeable insurance litigation attorney can help a policyholder obtain the coverage they deserve when the insurance company denies a claim.

Injury Law

With substantial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases, personal injury representation is offered with the purpose of achieving a fair and reasonable result for clients whether they have been injured by the negligence of another party or are defending a claim being made against them. Every case is approached with the goal of resolving the matter fairly and expeditiously, without the need to go to court.

Local Counsel Services

Local counsel services are offered to help out-of-state attorneys and their clients who are involved in litigation in the state of Arkansas. Knowledge of local court rules, familiarity with Arkansas judicial procedures, and relationships with the local bar gives out-of-state attorneys and their clients confidence that their interests will be protected in their Arkansas legal matter.


Appropriate legal advice in business and other transactions often helps reduce the likelihood of disputes arising from those transactions. Accordingly, advice and representation is offered in transactional matters with the goal of avoiding disputes that are often far costlier than an up-front investment in transactional legal services.


With the belief that the best resolution of a case is one in which the parties agree, mediation services are offered to help parties work toward a negotiated settlement of their disputes. J. Andrew Vines has been certified by the Arkansas Dispute Resolution Commission to mediate civil and probate matters, and focuses his mediation work on personal injury, commercial litigation, and small claims matters.

Insurance Policy Review

Insurance policy reviews are offered with the goal of educating clients about the coverages in their policies, so that they can take steps to obtain additional coverage they may need. While most people have insurance in one form or another, most commonly insurance covering their car or home, very few people know exactly which risks are covered by their insurance.

Small Business Services

Drawing from small business experience both in and apart from the legal industry, small business services are offered through assistance in business formation and organization, drafting and reviewing contracts, referrals to professionals in other areas of small business service, and representation in business disputes and insurance coverage questions.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

A commitment to aggressive alternative fee arrangements seeks to provide predictable costs to clients, reduce billing complexities and align the cost and value of legal services. Whereas some matters are more suitable for alternative fee arrangements than others, alternative billing arrangements will be considered for most matters and include fixed fees, phased fees, holdbacks, and contingency fees.